Singers' Profiles (ChimataMusic Band)

Raju Idury:
Raju Idury hails from Narsapur, West Godavari Dist. and currently lives with his wife in Sacramento, CA and their only son works in New York. He has been a lover of music since childhood. While studying at college, he trained briefly in Carnatic music and performed on stage. During his post graduation and law studies in Nagpur, he learned Hindustani music and performed in the functions at the University and local Andhra Association. Before moving to the US, he worked in Delhi and Muscat, Middle East for over 10 years. All along, he has been admired for his singing talent in Telugu, Hindi and Urdu. Raju Idury has been performing on stage for over 25 years in the US and internationally in many prestigious national and international programs such as World Telugu Conference, TANA, ATA, TASC, TAGS, CTS in the US, India, and in the Middle East. He performed extensively for many charitable organizations including Sankara Eye Foundation's Roshni, ViswaSruthi, CRY etc. He was honored by BATA, TASC, TAGS, Thyagaraya Gana Sabha, Ghantasala Music College at Vijayawada etc. Raju Idury received many awards, trophies and titles of appreciation. He is known among Telugu communities as ‘Apara Ghantasala’ and ‘Voice of Mohd Rafi’ in North Indian Communities. Raju Idury performed on stage with acclaimed playback singers such as P. Suseela, S Janaki, Usha, Madhu etc, extensively in many programs in the US and India. His music group, "Sadhana" has been performing professionally for private functions like marriages and birthday parties as well as for charitable purposes for over 20 years now in California and across the US. This is his first time to perform for's series of concerts.

Mani Sastry:
Mani has been living in USA since 1980, originally from Gutala, a small village on the banks of river Godavari in West Godavari Dist. She is wife of Prof. Jagan Sastry and mother of two charming and talented daughters, Pallavi and Keertana. Mani Sastry is an award-winning versatile singer and a music teacher of an international repute based in Houston, TX. She performed more than 500 prestigious concerts, inclusive of some prestigious national programs of TANA & ATA U.S.A., Canada and India as well as FeTNA (Tamil), and FOKANA (Malayalam) and other national organizations. She produced albums with original lyrics & compositions in several languages like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. She performed with some of the greatest artists of Indian music such as K.J. Yesudas, P.Susheela, Chitra, Mano, M.G. Sreekumar, Ramakrishna, Sri Chittaranjan and many others. Mani is not only a singer, also a lyricist and a composer. She is very active with charity work by raising funds for worthy causes in USA and India with her singing talent (such as Vegesna Foundation’s "Ghantasala Concert Tour 2007" of 32 US cities). Her life goal is to work towards bringing the past glory to Telugu Lalitha Sangeetham. Visit her websites, and The support and feedback of fellow Telugu Lalitha Sangeetham enthusiasts are welcomed in her effort. This is his first time to perform for's series of concerts.

Prasad Durvasula:
Prasad originally hails from Peddapuram. He has been in the US for 18 years and currently lives in Union City, CA. He works as a senior DBA for a reputed Bank in the Bay Area Peninsula. He started singing at an early age and has since won numerous awards in collegiate and university competitions. He won the Light Music Competition three times at the Deleware Telugu Association, USA and in the past, he sang in the presence of Late. Pithapuram Nageswara Rao, SP Balu, V Rama Krishna, G Anand, P. Suseela, Usha, K.V.Mahadevan, Rama Naidu, Sathyam & SP Kodanda Pani. He hopes to continue learning and pursuing his love of music in the years ahead. He performed in many concerts, the most recent ones including the Music Director's Sathyam Concert (June 2009, held by BATA and and BATA's Light Music Concert held in Jan 2009.

Murali Krishna Sambhara:
Murali was born in Bala Nagar (Hyderabad) and his original roots are from Vizianagaram. He has been in the US for 8 years and currently lives in Fremont, CA. He works as a Program Manager for a reputed company in the Bay Area Peninsula. Music is in his family and he has been singing since his childhood and won many prizes at district/state level singing competitions in Andhra. During his school days, Janaranjani Vividh Bharati program in AIR constantly kept him tuned to the Telugu/Hindi melodies from the 70's and 80's. He has also been a lead singer in college orchestra and performed in many inter collegate events. Thanks to his mom's encouragement, he got trained in Carnatic music (7 years; Guru - Sri. Balakrishna Sastry) & Mridangam (4 years; Guru - Sri. B L Narasimham) and it laid a solid foundation for him. His recent most performances include the Sathyam Concert and the BATA's Light Music Concert held in Jan 2009.

Vijaya Kumar Vemuri:
Vijay originally hails from Nellore, but most part of his childhood, he grew up in places like Vijayawada, Guntur and Chirala. He has been in the US for 11 years and currently lives in San Ramon, CA. He works as a software developer in a company located in the East Bay. He is a music lover who happens to be a singer as well. He has a strong penchant for the melodious Telugu/Hindi songs. He still remembers the nostalgic songs he used to listen over Radio before leaving to school. His first stage peformance as a singer in the US was in the Sathyam Concert.

Ravi Shankar Tata:
Ravi originally hails from Vizianagaram. He has been in the US for 13 years and currently lives in San Jose, CA. He works as a S/W Dev Manager for a reputed company in the Silicon Valley. He has learnt Carnatic Music from renowned musicians in the field such as Sri. Nukala Chinna Satyanarayana and Smt. Dwaram Vijaya Lakshmi(D/O Dwaram Durga Prasad Rao) for about 15 years. He has been a first round winner of the SP Balu's popular program "Paduta Teeyaga" in the very first series of episodes of the program in April 2006. He was a winner of "Paduta Teeyaga (U.S.A)" program, conducted by ATA in 2000 and hosted again by Sri S.P.Balu. He has also participated in many fund raising charity concerts in the Bay Area over the last 10 years. He says that Balu and Ilaya Raja are his favorite singer and composer respectivley. He is very active with various local music programs and he performed in the Sathyam Concert.

Hemamalini Kota:
Hema originally hails from Gudiwada and done schooling in several places in Andhra. She has been in the US for 14 years and currently lives in San Ramon, CA. She works as a Speech Therapist in the East Bay. Her parents encouraged her to sing since her childhood. Her mom, who is a renowned Telugu writer, is the main inspiration for her to realize that she had a passion for singing. She won many singing competitions since her childhood. She used to be an AIR and TV artist before moving to the US. She released an audio cassette along with her sister, Vyjayanthi under the durection of the popular classical singer, Smt. Shobharaju. Her husband is very cooperative and supportive of her singing actvities. She is an active participant in the local Telugu associations such as Silicon Andhra and in local musical events such as BATA Karaoke and her recentmost performances include the Psymphony Concert and the Sathyam Concert.

Sudha Sastry:
Though Sudha was born in Kurnool, she was brought up in Chennai and Mumbai and it is because of her parents' strong penchant for Telugu language, she has a perfect Telugu diction though is not fluent in Telugu reading/writing. She has been in the US for 8 years and currently lives in Fremont, CA. Music has always been an integral part of her life. She dabbled with Carnatic music in her childhood and later went on to pursue serious Hindustani classical music under an able tutelage of Pandit Prabhakar Karekar in Mumbai. Although deeply fond of melodious Hindi music and Ghazals, language has never been a barrier for her when it comes to performing any kind of melodies. Motherhood has resulted in a long sabbatical from learning music, but she is now glad to get back to some serious music. Her first stage peformance as a singer in the US was in the Sathyam Concert.

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