Help on Playlists


What is a User Playlist?

It is a playlist with songs of your choice available on our site.

Why is it needed?

Presently songs available on our site narrowly categorized under different sections as Heroes, Directors, Club, Comedy etc. You can listen to songs of one particular category at a time. But you will not be able to listen to NTR and ANR songs at a time if you wish. Now the new User Playlist feature will overcome this lapse and you can create your own playlist with songs of your choice and listen to them whenever you like.

How can a User playlist be created?

You need to be  registered and logged on to our site. Then from any of the existing sections including search results, you can select a song of your choice by clicking the '+' symbol prefixed to the 'Sno' of that song. A window will pop-up asking you to either enter the playlist name if you wish to add to a New playlist or select one of your existing playlists to which you wish to add the song. The number of songs already available in a playlist is shown in brackets beside the playlist name.

I am already logged in, but I am asked to login again saying that I am not logged in?

Please do login again and also select the song again.

How many playlists can I create and how many songs can I have in a playlist?

Only 5 playlists can be created by a User. Each playlist can have 30 songs.

I can't find one of my existing playlists in the list to add a song?

The song selected already exists in that playlist. So it will not appear for the song selected to avoid duplication of songs in a playlist.

Where can I find my playlists?

If you have created any playlists, you will find the list in the login area of our main page once you are logged in. Click on a playlist for the songs in it to be displayed.

What is 'Remember me' in the login box?

If you select it and login, you will automatically be logged in the next time you visit our site.

'Remember me' doesn't seem to be working on my computer?

Probably cookies are restricted in your browser. You need to enable them for this feature to work.

Can I edit my playlists?

YES, you can remove a song from the playlist, delete a playlist completely, swap a song position with another song in the playlist, move the position of a song in the playlist and rename the playlist.

How do I edit my playlist?

When you open a playlist, you will find '#' symbol prefixed to 'Sno' of the songs in that. Clicking on the '#' will pop-up the Edit window. For swap, move and rename options, appropriate information has to be entered in the text box beside the respective options.

What is a User Shared Playlist?

Users can share their Playlist to others for listening. Some Users have requested categorisation of songs by Heroine names like Savitri, Jamuna, Vanisri, Jaya Sudha etc;Hero names like Kantarao, Jaggayya etc; Singer names like Bhanumati, PB Srinivas P Leela, Jikki, V Ramakrishna etc. Now knowlegeable Users can create playlists of any of their favourites, theme, mood, occasion etc. and 'share it' in edit options so that others can access them for listening

How do I Share my Playlist?

Certain conditions have to be met to share a playlist:
Playlist should atleast have 5 songs

Playlists are sorted by name. So naming of shared playlists should start with the theme of the playlist to indicate others about it. For example the name of the playlists should start with 'NTR', 'Savitri', 'KV Mahadevan', 'Ghantasala', 'Veturi' 'Mohana Ragam', 'Happy', 'Folk', 'Sankranti', '70s Best' etc. reserves the right to use, rename, rearrange, delete the user shared playlist.

Please rename your existing playlists as above before sharing them


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