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Best Romantic Songs

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Rasanu Premalekhalenno   Write Comment Sreedevi GK Venkatesh Dasaradhil_linkV_link 1970
+ 2 Kurisindi Vana   Write Comment Bullemma-bullodu Sathyam Rajasril_link  1972
+ 3 Tanivi Teeralede   Write Comment Gudu Puthani SP Kodandapani Dasaradhil_link  1972
+ 4 Vechha Vechhani Nee Vodilo..   Write Comment Sabhash Vadina KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_link  1972
+ 5 Sreemati Gariki Teerani Vela   Write Comment Sarada Chakravarthi Dasaradhil_linkV_link 1973
+ 6 Talaki Neellosukoni   Write Comment Mayadari Malligadu KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_linkV_link 1973
+ 7 Toli Valape Teeyanidi   Write Comment Needa Leni Adadi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 8 Kalise Kalla Lona   Write Comment Nomu Sathyam Dasaradhil_linkV_link 1974
+ 9 Manase Jatagaa Padindile..   Write Comment Nomu Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1974
+ 10 Kusalama.. Neeku Kusalamena   Write Comment Balipeetham Chakravarthi Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_linkV_link 1975
+ 11 Endukante Emi Cheppanu   Write Comment Jeevana Jyoti KV Mahadevan C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1975
+ 12 Chali Vestondi..   Write Comment Soggadu KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_linkV_link 1975
+ 13 Kuchhillu Jeeradu Koka Katti   Write Comment Savasagallu JV Raghavulu Acharya Athreyal_link  1977
+ 14 Chali Chali Ga Vundira   Write Comment Ma Iddari Katha Chakravarthi Dasaradhil_link  1977
+ 15 Tolisari Muddivvamandi   Write Comment Edureeta Sathyam Veturil_link  1977
+ 16 Radha..andinchu Nee Leta Pedavi   Write Comment Jebu Donga Chakravarthi Arudral_link  1975
+ 17 Erugani Sukhame Eduruga Nilichindi..   Write Comment Yavvanam Katesindi Chakravarthi N/Al_link  1976
+ 18 Ide Ide Nenu Korukundi   Write Comment Andame Anandam Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 19 Preminchukundam.. Evaremanna Emanna Ganee...   Write Comment Nindu Manishi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1978
+ 20 Intati Sogase Eduruga Vunte..   Write Comment Nindu Manishi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1978
+ 21 Ee Ratiree.. O.. Chandamama   Write Comment Dongalaku Donga Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1977
+ 22 Okate Korika..ninnu Cheralani   Write Comment Dongalaku Donga Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopil_linkV_link 1977
+ 23 O Pilla... Chali Chali Ga Vunda?   Write Comment Annadammula Saval Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1978
+ 24 Chitapata... Chinukulu   Write Comment Agent Gopi Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1978
+ 25 Chinuku Chinuku Padutu Vunte   Write Comment Iddaru Asadhyule Sathyam Acharya Athreyal_linkV_link 1979
+ 26 Gadasari Ammayi.. Nadumoka Sannayi..   Write Comment Kannavarillu Adi Narayana Rao N/Al_link  1978
+ 27 Okka Ratri Vacchipora   Write Comment Yuga Purushudu KV Mahadevan Veturil_linkV_link 1978
+ 28 Gali Mallindi Nee Paina   Write Comment Yuga Purushudu KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_link  1978
+ 29 Idi Teeyani Vennela Reyi   Write Comment Prema Lekhalu Sathyam Arudral_link  1977
+ 30 Sipayi..o..sipayee   Write Comment Akbar-saleem-anarkali C. Rama Chandra C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1979
+ 31 Emayyindante Ne Chappalenu   Write Comment Mangala Toranalu Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1979
+ 32 Eeduru Galiki Ma Dora Gariki   Write Comment Katakatala Rudrayya JV Raghavulu Veturil_link  1978
+ 33 He Mata.. Aha Telusu..   Write Comment Karteeka Deepam Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopil_linkV_link 1979
+ 34 Erra Gulabee Virisindi   Write Comment Erra Gulabeelu Ilaya Raja Acharya Athreyal_linkV_link 1979
+ 35 Edalo.. Toli Valape   Write Comment Erra Gulabeelu Ilaya Raja Veeturil_linkV_link 1979
+ 36 Abbo.. Neredu Pallu   Write Comment Sommokadidi.. Sokokadidi Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1979
+ 37 O.. Balaraja..   Write Comment Sommokadidi.. Sokokadidi Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1979
+ 38 Pandaganti Yennelanta..   Write Comment Pantulamma Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1977
+ 39 Mallelu Puse   Write Comment Intinti Ramayanam Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1979
+ 40 Chitapata Chinukula Melam   Write Comment Muddula Koduku KV Mahadevan Veturil_link  1979
+ 41 Ennelanta Eraye..   Write Comment Maha Lakshmi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1980
+ 42 Tik Tik Tik.. Gadiyaram   Write Comment Illali Korikalu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1982
+ 43 Mavaru Bangaru Konda   Write Comment Prema Murtulu Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddyl_link  1982
+ 44 O.. Gopemmo Itu Ravammo   Write Comment Dharmatmudu Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopil_link  1983
+ 45 Leta Chaligalulu..   Write Comment Mudu Mullu Rajan-Nagendra Jyothirmayil_linkV_link 1983
+ 46 Nee Kosam Yavvanamanta   Write Comment Mudu Mullu Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1983
+ 47 Nee Talape Oka Maikam   Write Comment Prema Sagaram T Rajendar N/Al_link  1983
+ 48 Neelo Naalo Mohalanni..   Write Comment Prema Sagaram T Rajendar Rajasril_linkV_link 1983
+ 49 Niddura Pove..o Vayasa   Write Comment Sangharshana Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1983
+ 50 Na Meeda Nee Gali   Write Comment Vijeta Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1985
+ 51 Em Cheyyanu.. Ela Apukonu?   Write Comment Muddula Krushnayya KV Mahadevan C Narayana Reddy V_link 1986
+ 52 Nee Meeda Naku Adayyo   Write Comment Rakshasudu Ilaya Raja Veturil_linkV_link 1986
+ 53 Viraha Veena..nidura Raka   Write Comment Rendu Rellu Aru Rajan-Nagendra Veturil_link  1986
+ 54 Sarasalu Chalu Sreevaru   Write Comment Siva Ilaya Raja N/Al_link  1989
+ 55 Abba Nee Teeyyani Debba   Write Comment Jagadeka Veerudu-atiloka Sundari Ilaya Raja Veturil_linkV_link 1990
+ 56 Kappuko Duppati.. Chaleste..   Write Comment Gharana Mogudu MM Keeravani N/Al_linkV_link 1992
+ 57 Em Pilladi.. Enta Matannadi   Write Comment Allari Priyudu MM Keeravani N/Al_link  1993
+ 58 Danger.. Yama Danger..   Write Comment Varasudu MM Keeravani N/Al_linkV_link 1993
+ 59 Swati Lo Mutyamanta   Write Comment Bangaru Bullodu Raj-Koti Veturil_linkV_link 1993
+ 60 Ennitlo Sapesi Ennichhee ..   Write Comment Bangaru Bullodu Raj-Koti Veturi   1993
+ 61 Em Debba Teesavu?   Write Comment Tiger Sathyam N/A   1979
+ 62 Okka Kshanam Okka Kshanam   Write Comment Kalisina Manasulu Master Venu Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_link  1968
+ 63 Endunnavo O Cheli..   Write Comment Aggi Dora Vijaya Krishna Murthy N/Al_link  1967
+ 64 Nannu Dochukunduvate..   Write Comment Gulebakavali Katha Joseph-Krishna Murthy C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1962
+ 65 Repanti Rupam Kanti   Write Comment Manchi-chedu MS Viswanathan Acharya Athreyal_link  1963
+ 66 Nannu Evaro Takiri   Write Comment Sattekalapu Satteyya MS Viswanathan N/Al_link  1969
+ 67 Uhalu Gusagusa Lade   Write Comment Bandipotu Ghantasala Arudral_link  Released in 1963 and directed by jAnapada brahma Vithalacharya. The song was picturized on NTR and Krishna Kumari. The story/dialogue writer, Tripuraneni Maharadhi came into the limelight with this movie and later got popular with kanchu kOTa and many of Krishna starrers such as Alluri Seetharama Raju etc. This movie is one of my all-time favorite folklore movies. The movie was later remade as "veera kEsari" into Kannada with Raj Kumar
+ 68 Mella Mella Mellaga..   Write Comment Dagudu Mutalu KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_linkV_link Released in 1964 and directed by Adurthi Subba Rao. The song was picturized on NTR and B Saroja Devi. NTR is a grand-son a jamidaaru, but right from this childhood he grows up in a poor family and takes care of all other smaller kids in that family. B Saroja runs from her family to avoid a forcible marriage (to an old man) by her ill-minded step-mother and joins NTR and then they fall in love. Probably this is the only movie that I can recall in the combination of NTR and Adurthi. As usual, Maama came up with awesome melodies in the movie.
+ 69 Rambha, Urvasi Taladanne..   Write Comment Veerabhimanyu KV Mahadevan Arudral_link  1965
+ 70 Ade Ade.. Naku Antu Teliyakunnadi   Write Comment Ramudu-bheemudu Pendyala Nageswara Rao C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1964
+ 71 E Subha Samayamlo..   Write Comment Manasu-mangalyam Pendyala Nageswara Rao Dasaradhil_link  1971
+ 72 Tolisari Muddivvamandi   Write Comment Edureeta Sathyam Veturil_link  Released in 1977 and directed by Veeramachaneni (Victory) Madhusudana Rao. Picturized on NTR and Vanisree. The movie is a remake of Hindi movie, Amaanush. The lyricist, Veturi says that this romantic song is one of his all-time favorites (among his thousands of songs).
+ 73 Suprabhata Sundari Neevu   Write Comment Sahasavantudu KV Mahadevan Veturil_link  Released in 1978 and the song picturized on NTR and Vanisree. The movie has some Nepal-backdrop scenes.. NTR tries to prove the innocence of his dad, Jaggaiah, who is branded as a traitor.
+ 74 Jabilli Chusenu Ninnu Nannu   Write Comment Mahakavi Kshetrayya Adi Narayana Rao Dasaradhil_linkV_link Released in 1976 and directed by Adurthi Subba Rao (he passed away in the middle of the film shooting and Chittajallu Srinivasa Rao completed it). The song was picturizes on ANR and Prabha. The story is about the great Telugu poet, Kshretrayya. Prabha plays as his maradalu and Manjula as a vESya. When ANR wants to marry his maradalu, he comes to know that she is a "bAla vitantuvu" and hence he can not marry her. More details later.
+ 75 Premante Lokamlo Evarikee Teliyadu   Write Comment Anukunnadi Sadhista Ramesh Naidu Mailavarapu Gopi   Released in 1977 and directed by P Chandrasekhara Reddy. The song was picturized on Narasimaha Raju and Latha. Latha plays twin dual roles as innocent and dynamic girls. With the help of Narasimha Raju, the dynamic girl straighens out all the hardships in the innocent girl`s house.
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