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You might be wondering that what is the necessity to have one more Telugu musical web site, when so many sites are out there with an excellent medley of old and very latest Telugu songs and that how different this site is from a lot other Telugu musical web sites. I have seen that most of our current Telugu web sites have a good collection of very old songs and almost all 90's and the latest songs, but not too many songs from 70's and I want to bring all these 70's songs together on my web site. I grew up listening to these 70's melodies in Janaranjani and these songs made an unforgettable impression on my mind. I always feel nostalgic about these songs and want to share these songs with other like-minded Telugu people.

One more thing is that people usually think that Telugu old songs mean only those ones in the 50's and 60's. But being in the age of mid 30's, I differ with this generic opinion and I firmly believe that 70's songs should also be added to the list of "Telugu Old Songs". Having noticed the Telugu songs' on-line collection, I have concluded that people are not taking as much interest in preserving the 70's melodious songs as they do with the 50's and 60's songs. So, I see a strong need to host most of the 70's and 80's melodies in one single place and that's how this site has shaped out of my passion.

A unique feature of this site is that you would see only the popular melodies that you used to listen on the Janaranjani program (unlike a lot of other sites that just dump all songs from some movies with a combination of melodies and boring (or lifeless) songs).

I witnessed the initial days of on-line Telugu songs during the mid and late 90's (for example, there used be a site that hosted "one Telugu song a week" in 1997) as well as the current glorious days with a luxury of listening to thousands of on-line Telugu songs. As of Feb 06, this site hosts the largest collection of 70's movies of NTR, ANR, Krishna, SobhanBabu, Krishnam Raju, Murali Mohan, and Chandra Mohan and of 80's movies of Chiranjeevi. This site hosts a lot of songs (in a few hundreds) that have not been online-hosted anywhere else yet.

I am really sad to see that in the last ten years, melody and lyrics have taken a back seat in the Telugu film music and every one (Producers/Directors/Music Directors/Audio Companies/Audiences) is after "variety" and is encouraging the singers/lyricists who have no idea what they are singing/writing and ignoring our own Telugu talent (including SP Balu and Mano). My main intention is to refresh your minds with the evergreen melodies of SP Balu who incessantly sung these melodies for almost three decades (until the early 90's). Another purpose of this site is to remind the fellow Telugu people that we have a lot of beautiful melodies composed by KV Mahadevan, Ramesh Naidu, Sathyam, Rajan-Nagendra, GK Venkatesh, MS Viswanathan, Ilaya Raja, Chakravarthi and JV Raghavulu.

I had to first get some of the songs (that are not on-line hosted yet and can hardly be found in Andhra these days) recorded from the old gramophone records into the audio cassettes and then got them converted to .mp3 songs. So, you would have some back-ground hissing noise while listening to these rare melodies and I hope you would understand the real reason behind the low quality of the songs and hopefully would not mind it.

I would like dedicate this site to SP Balu and P Suseela whose mellifluous voices enriched the seventies' melodious songs.

Srinivasa Rao Chimata
October 31, 2005
Fremont, CA

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