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1. Srinivasa Rao Chimata
CEO & Founder, AllBestSongs.com

I was thinking for a long time to host my dream web site with all seventies' Telugu melodies and it has finally materialized. I am an avid listener of 70's and 80's Telugu melodies that haunt me all the time. When I was searching for a few of my favorite Telugu songs on the web (especially of Krishna and Sobhan Babu songs from 70's) in Sept 2005, to my dissatisfaction I could not find them and that's when I decided to host a site with my choice of list of Telugu melodies. My intention is to make these melodies available online to a few other like-minded Telugu people. Most of these songs take me back to my childhood days, when I used to listen to these songs on janranjani radio program and on those big mikes on guDi, pAla kEndram, and cinema canvassing rickshaws in our home place (Nuthalapadu, near Chirala). Some of these songs remind me of my fondest school memories of singing-competitions in our elementary and high schools and of watching the action movies (of NTR, Krishna, Sobhan Babu and Chiru) in our village and in the nearby villages like Parchuru, Pusapadu, Punuru and in Chirala and Chilakaluri Peta towns in the late 70's and the early & mid 80's. I would be happy if you too felt a little nostalgic about your childhood and school days and "vividha bhArati janaranjani" program while listening to some of these songs.

For now, we are collecting only the songs from the 60's/70's/80's and a few from the 50's and a few more from the early 90's, with a major emphasis on the 70's songs. But we have no intention of hosting songs with "bhAshA uchhAraNa dOshAlu" on my site, as I am a hardcore Telugu bhAshAbhimAni and that's why you don't see any songs after mid-90's here (especially from the times when SP Balu slowed his songs down).

First, I would like to thank my family (two little kids and my working wife) for paying a price on family time to my passion for Telugu melodies. I am grateful to AndhraKitchen.com for its initial help on my web site. My brother, Chitti Babu (Chilakaluri Peta) and my cousin, Ramesh Babu Vinnnakota (Guntur) took the cumbersome job of getting the audio songs recorded in Chirala/Chilakaluri Peta and then getting them converted to MP3 songs in Guntur.

I am grateful to Surya Guduru, who has been getting all new features to the web site. Interestingly, he too happens to be a staunch fan of the music director, Sathyam and this like-mindedness brought us together. I am fortunate to find a passionate music lover like Surya. Actually, it is his idea to have a discussion board to discuss and share the knowledge on all melodious songs and the people (producers, directors, lyricists, music directors and singers) behind the creation of those wonderful songs. He takes an equal responsibility as a Site Administrator by taking a heavy load off my shoulders.

I should also mention two other passionate music lovers: Santha Ram (Bangalore) and Kamesh Kalapala (Hyderabad) here for contributing more and more melodious songs recently (in 2007 and 2008).

My friends, Suresh Mantrala (Foster City, CA) and Srivatsava Chimakurthi (Concord, CA) collected a few songs from their sources. My cousins (Rudranadha Babu Movva and Venkat Thimmisetti, Cupertino, CA) and my other friends (Rama Raju Dutta, Austin, TX; Venu Gopal Bhagavathula, Lowell, MA; Brahmanandam Gorti, Cupertino, CA; and Vijaya Kumar Vemuri, Fremont, CA) helped me in brain-storming the list of songs. My tODalluDu, Dr. Rama Krishna Baadugu (Lexington, KY), my best friend, Gyanmote (Fremont, CA) and my cousins, Viswanadh Bokkisam (Foster City, CA) and Bhaskar Bandikallu (Cupertino, CA) helped me with suggestions on the web page design. A few like-minded folks, Sadasiva Rao Varanasi (Bangalore), Surya Kondapalli (Hyderabad), Santha Ram (Bangalore), Surya Prasad (Canada), and Nanda Kishore Kamavaram (Bangalore) voluntarily sent me some rare .mp3 songs that I could not be able to collect myself hitherto. Without these folks' time and enthusiastic voluntary assistance, it could have been very difficult for me to come up with this site.

If you have any good songs from 70's and 80's that match the wavelengh of the songs (or the songs with * on this site), you can kindly send me (either a list of songs or the actual .mp3/.rm files) at chimata.music@gmail.com and I would happily host those songs on my site.

Thanks for visiting the web site and have fun listening to the songs on this site.

-- Srinivasa Rao Chimata

2. Surya Narayana Guduru
CTO & Co-Founder, AllBestSongs.com

'Ye divilo virisina parijatamo..ye kavilo merisina prema geetamo.. na madilo neevai nindi poyene'..
Ever since I watched this song that was melodiously sung by S. Janaki at a Berleley Film Awards Function held in Vijayawada in the Mid 70's, a casual song listener I was till then, changed into a hard-core film music lover. Not surprisingly I had become an ardent fan of Sathyam, S. Janaki, and SP Bala Subrahmanyam - the music director and singers of the two versions of that song respectively! Be it be an influence or a kinship, my younger sister also developed the same passion for the songs and we both used to listen to every songs-based programme on every station our Phillips transistor tuned to. Strangely, both of us followed the songs by the music directors and used to discuss a lot about their respective styles with an absolutely zero knowledge in music basics!

I have started using the web extensively from the year 2000, surfing the movie and music sites quite frequently. I was amazed to see the Hindi sites having almost each and every old Hindi song and comprehensive information about each of those songs. Coming to the Telugu songs, only popular old Telugu songs were found in a few sites without any proper information of music directors and lyricists. One of such sites had the popular songs from the movies 'Seetha Ramulu' and 'Andhra Kesari' with the music director mentioned as Ramesh Naidu. I wrote to them to correct the entries to Sathyam, but my request was completely ignored. I felt really bad about the-then online music sites as the only music directors from the 70's recognised by them to a certain extent were KV Mahadevan and Ramesh Naidu, inspite of Sathyam and Chakravarti giving some awesome numbers during that era.

Just at that time in April 2006, Srini belatedly posted about his site in a discussion board that I regularly visited. With a very little hope that it would be anything different from the other music sites, I casually visited this site. I couldn't believe my eyes to see the only special link at that time in the center of the page, 'Best songs of Music Director Sathyam'! Quite rarely have I come across people who had such like-mindedness about Sathyam! Needless to mention, I was on the cloud nine and visited each and every link on the site. It was like taking me 25 years back in a Time machine! I immediately mailed to Srini appreciating his effort and offered him to search and provide all the missing songs that were marked 'coming soon'. Having identified my passion, he instantly trusted me by giving an admin access to the site's ftp location for uploading the missed songs. Since then we both, in our permissible limits, have endeavoured to develop this site into a truly 'Srothalu korina paatalu' site, keeping aside our personal likings.

I am very much thankful to Srini who has shared with me this wonderful opportunity of serving the Telugu music lovers through this web site. I am also thankful to our fellow Discussion Board members such as Hanuman, Agent116, Nanda Kishor, Santha Ram, Movie Lover and several guests who requested some wonderful songs that have been missed by us and helped us to make this site a one-stop for all Old Telugu melodies.

Last but not the least, this site has given me an immense satisfaction that inspired a computer hobbyist like me to develop a uni-code Telugu editor and Telugu chat tool ManaTelugu appreciated by several Telugu people around the world! Thanks to the CREATOR for blessing me with this opportunity to serve the Telugu community in a small way!

-- Surya Guduru

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