Chakravarthi (a.k.a Appa Rao Kommineni) hails from Tadikonda, Guntur Dt and he debuted with Sobhan Babu's "mUgaprEma" movie in 1970. He is the only Telugu music director who worked for a maximum number of movies (up to 960+) within a short span of two decades. As he overworked most of the time during his career, a lot of his melodies got eclipsed behind his popular mass songs and I would like to bring forth such melodies on this page. His name is a synonym for "Mass Song" during the late 70's and the 80's and he gave it a new definition with "yama gOla". His music played a significant role in the careers of Sobhan Babu, NTR and Chiranjeevi. His last memorable movie is the Chiru's "attaku yamuDu-ammAyiki mogudu" in 1989. He later passed on his legacy to his disciples like Raj-Koti, Keeravani, Vamdematham Srinivas etc. During the fag end of his career, he acted in TV serials and a few movies. There is no other Telugu music director, who is as versatile as he is (assistant director, dubbing artist, music director and an actor). He passed away in 2003.
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Chakravarthi's Best Melodius Solo songs

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Sarada.. Nanu Cheraga   Write Comment Sarada Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1973
+ 2 Vrepalle Vechenu   Write Comment Sarada Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1973
+ 3 Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere   Write Comment Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere Chakravarthi Mailavarapu Gopi   1974
+ 4 Anati Hrudayala Ananda.. (female)   Write Comment Annadammula Anubandham Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddy   1975
+ 5 Anati Hrudayala Ananda Geetam (male)   Write Comment Annadammula Anubandham Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1975
+ 6 Oyamma Entalesi Siggochhindi   Write Comment Babu Chakravarthi Acharya Athreyal_link  1975
+ 7 Kalasi Padudaam..   Write Comment Balipeetham Chakravarthi Sri Sril_link  1975
+ 8 Selavu Meeda Ravayya..   Write Comment Cheekati Velugulu Chakravarthi Arudral_link  1975
+ 9 Meetichudu Hrudayanni   Write Comment Cheekati Velugulu Chakravarthi Acharya Athreyal_link  1975
+ 10 Erugani Sukhame Eduruga Nilichindi..   Write Comment Yavvanam Katesindi Chakravarthi N/Al_link  1976
+ 11 O Rayyo.. Kona Loki Vastava?   Write Comment Devatalara.. Deevinchandi Chakravarthi Mailavarapu Gopi   1977
+ 12 Kerataniki Aratam Teeram..   Write Comment Jeevana Teeralu Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 13 Oka Udayamlo   Write Comment Kalpana Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1977
+ 14 Chilaka Paccha Cheera Katti   Write Comment Ma Iddari Katha Chakravarthi Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdaryl_link  1977
+ 15 Nallanayya.. Evarani Adigava Nannu?   Write Comment Ma Iddari Katha Chakravarthi Dasaradhil_link  1977
+ 16 Gutti Vankaya Kura   Write Comment Atani Kante Ghanudu Chakravarthi N/A   1978
+ 17 O Priya.. Marumalliya Kanna Tellandi   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Arudral_linkV_link 1978
+ 18 Evariki Telusu Chitikina Manasu   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Veturil_linkV_link 1978
+ 19 Evvaro.. Ee Neralanu Adigevarevvaro..   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Veturil_linkV_link 1978
+ 20 Malle Puvvula Vasantam   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Veturi   1978
+ 21 Chinna Mata.. Oka Chinna Mata   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1978
+ 22 Nuvvu Vastavani..   Write Comment Malle Puvvu Chakravarthi Veeturil_linkV_link 1978
+ 23 Sirimalle Puva   Write Comment Padaharella Vayasu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1978
+ 24 Sirimalle Puva (short)   Write Comment Padaharella Vayasu Chakravarthi Veturi   1978
+ 25 Yatamesi Todina.. Eru Endadu..   Write Comment Pranam Khareedu Chakravarthi Jaladi Raja Raol_link  1978
+ 26 O Chandrama.. Okanati Priyatama   Write Comment Vichitra Jeevitam Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1978
+ 27 Idi Puvvulu Puyani Tota   Write Comment Vetagadu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1979
+ 28 Priyamaina Madana..   Write Comment Gandara Golam Chakravarthi Arudra   1980
+ 29 Gopala Rao Gari Ammayi..   Write Comment Gopala Rao Gari Ammayi Chakravarthi Mailavarapu Gopil_link  1980
+ 30 Okanatidi Kadu Vasantam..   Write Comment Mama Allulla Saval Chakravarthi Veturi   1980
+ 31 Pakkinti Ammayi..   Write Comment Pakkinti Ammayi Chakravarthi Veturil_linkV_link 1981
+ 32 Payaninche Chirugali..   Write Comment Patnam Pilla Chakravarthi N/Al_link  1979
+ 33 Manasu Oka Mandaram (female)   Write Comment Prema Tarangalu Chakravarthi Acharya Athreyal_link  1980
+ 34 Punnami Ratree...puvvula Raratri (full)   Write Comment Punnami Nagu Chakravarthi Veturil_linkV_link 1980
+ 35 Rendaksharala Prema   Write Comment Gaja Donga Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1981
+ 36 Adugulu Kadipi Adalenu..   Write Comment Gola Nagamma Chakravarthi N/A   1981
+ 37 Chigurakulalo.. Oka Chilakamma   Write Comment Jeevita Radham Chakravarthi Rajasril_link  1981
+ 38 Pilicharu Mavaru Innallaku..   Write Comment Pandanti Jeevitam Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1981
+ 39 Taralu Digivachhina Vela   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 40 Vandanam.. Abhivandanam   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 41 Agadu... Agadu   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 42 Turupu Telatela Vaarakane   Write Comment Sreevari Muchhatlu Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_linkV_link 1980
+ 43 Kadali Randi Manushulaite   Write Comment Uriki Monagadu Chakravarthi Veturi   1981
+ 44 Chusuko Padilamga..   Write Comment Anuraga Devata Chakravarthi Acharya Athreyal_link  1982
+ 45 Chattaniki Nyayaniki Jarigina..   Write Comment Justice Chowdary Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1982
+ 46 Adigo Adigo..evaro Vastunnaru   Write Comment Ragadeepam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1982
+ 47 Nakoka Sreemati Kavali   Write Comment Mundadugu Chakravarthi Veturil_linkV_link 1983
+ 48 Veyi Padagala Meeda   Write Comment Mundadugu Chakravarthi Veturi V_link 1983
+ 49 Premaku Nenu Pedanu Kanu   Write Comment Mundadugu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1983
+ 50 Manavatvam Parimalinche Manchi Manishiki..   Write Comment Neti Bharatam Chakravarthi Sri Sri   1983
+ 51 Adi Oka Ratiri..   Write Comment Jagan Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao   1984
+ 52 Vanita..lata..kavita   Write Comment Kanchana Ganga Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1984
+ 53 Enta Karuna Murtivayya   Write Comment Rakta Sambandham (new) Chakravarthi Acharya Athreya   1984
+ 54 Jeevitame Oka Payanam   Write Comment Vijeta Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1985
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