If you just talk about Dasari's music taste during his 10 years of scintillating film career (1973 - 1983) and keep the rest of the things about him aside, it is really amazing to see his confidence in choosing a gamut of music directors (belonging to different genres and stuck to different images) for his films during that era. As far as I know, there is no other Telugu film director who has successfully experimented like him with the Telugu songs. All other talented peers like K Raghavendra Rao, Bapu, K Viswanadh, K Bala Chandar etc preferred to choose one "aasthaana" music director during the best period of their careers, but none of these gentlemen never dared to experiment like Dasari did. It is unfortunate that some people still remember him as a film director with repetitive and boring film dialogues (in the beginning his pun of words was good, but later it became a stale thing) ... but we can not forget/ignore his awesome contribution to the Telugu film melodies during his culminating career period.
Srini Chimata (06/29/07)

Dasari's Best Solo Telugu Songs

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Eenade.. Babu Nee Puttina Roju   Write Comment Tata-manavadu Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1972
+ 2 Anubandham, Atmeeyata   Write Comment Tata-manavadu Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1972
+ 3 Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere   Write Comment Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere Chakravarthi Mailavarapu Gopi   1974
+ 4 Jali Leni Brahmayya..   Write Comment Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere Chakravarthi Mailavarapu Gopi   1974
+ 5 Kalasi Padudaam..   Write Comment Balipeetham Chakravarthi Sri Sril_link  1975
+ 6 Erugani Sukhame Eduruga Nilichindi..   Write Comment Yavvanam Katesindi Chakravarthi N/Al_link  1976
+ 7 Sivaranjani..navaragini   Write Comment Turpu-padamara Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 8 Turpu Padamara Edureduru   Write Comment Turpu-padamara Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 9 Swaramulu Edaina...   Write Comment Turpu-padamara Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 10 Anubhavinchu Raja   Write Comment Manushulanta Okkate S Rajeswara Rao C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1976
+ 11 Tata.. Bagunnava?   Write Comment Manushulanta Okkate S Rajeswara Rao C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 12 Mutyalu Vastava?   Write Comment Manushulanta Okkate S Rajeswara Rao Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdaryl_linkV_link 1976
+ 13 Idi Toli Pata    Write Comment Kanya Kumari SP Balu Veturil_link  1977
+ 14 Suvvi.. Kasturi Ranga   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishnal_link  1977
+ 15 Talli Godarike Atu Potuntadi..   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 16 Tadi Chettu Tallee Kadu..   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddy   1977
+ 17 Chukkallo Pedda Chukka.. Chandamama..   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 18 Jorumeedunnave Tummeda   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishnal_link  1978
+ 19 Abhinava Taravo..   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1978
+ 20 Chandamama Vacchadamma   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1978
+ 21 Mee Amma Vadu..   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishna   1978
+ 22 Evariki Evaru?   Write Comment Devadasu Mallee Puttadu S Rajeswara Rao C Narayana Reddy   1978
+ 23 O.. Jabilee.. (solo)   Write Comment Rangoon Rowdy JV Raghavulu Veturil_link  1979
+ 24 Korikale Gurralayite (female)   Write Comment Korikale Gurralayite Sathyam Acharya Athreyal_link  1979
+ 25 Korikale Gurralayite (male)   Write Comment Korikale Gurralayite Sathyam Acharya Athreyal_link  1979
+ 26 Ravi Varma Ke Andani   Write Comment Ravanude Ramudaite? GK Venkatesh Veturil_link  1979
+ 27 Premante Telusa Neeku?   Write Comment Ravanude Ramudaite? GK Venkatesh Acharya Athreya   1979
+ 28 Gorinta Puchindi   Write Comment Gorintaku KV Mahadevan Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_linkV_link 1979
+ 29 Padite Silalaina Karagali   Write Comment Gorintaku KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreyal_link  1979
+ 30 Gorinta Puchindi   Write Comment Gorintaku KV Mahadevan Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_linkV_link 1979
+ 31 Lalita Kalaradhanalo (female)   Write Comment Kalyani Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1979
+ 32 Lalita Kalaradhanalo (male)   Write Comment Kalyani Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1979
+ 33 Tolisanje Velalo.. (male)   Write Comment Seeta Ramulu Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 34 Tolisanje Velalo.. (female)   Write Comment Seeta Ramulu Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 35 Na Jeevita Gamanamulo   Write Comment Addala Meda Rajan-Nagendra Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 36 Ankitam.. Neeke Ankitam   Write Comment Swapna Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 37 Ide Na Modati Premalekha..   Write Comment Swapna Sathyam Rajasril_link  1980
+ 38 Sreerastu Abbayi..   Write Comment Swapna Sathyam Rajasri   1980
+ 39 Hello Temper..vijaya Super   Write Comment Sardar Paparayudu Chakravarthi Rajasril_linkV_link 1980
+ 40 Edantastula Meda Idi..   Write Comment Edantastula Meda Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1980
+ 41 Errakoka Kattinave   Write Comment Buchhi Babu Chakravarthi N/A   1980
+ 42 Gundabattula Buchhemma   Write Comment Buchhi Babu Chakravarthi N/A   1980
+ 43 Valmeeki Intilo Lavakusalu   Write Comment Buchhi Babu Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao   1980
+ 44 Goruvechhani Sureedamma   Write Comment Jaya Sudha Ramesh Naidu Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 45 Idi Mouna Geetam..   Write Comment Palu-neellu Sathyam N/A   1981
+ 46 Tella Kagitam..oka Manishi Jeevitam   Write Comment Deeparadhana Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao V_link 1981
+ 47 Turupu Telatela Vaarakane   Write Comment Sreevari Muchhatlu Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_linkV_link 1980
+ 48 Udayama.. Udayinchaku   Write Comment Prema Mandiram KV Mahadevan Veturil_link  1981
+ 49 Amaram..amaram   Write Comment Prema Mandiram KV Mahadevan Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 50 Taralu Digivachhina Vela   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 51 Vandanam.. Abhivandanam   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 52 Agadu... Agadu   Write Comment Premabhishekam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1981
+ 53 Nari Nari Naduma Murari   Write Comment Yuvaraju Chakravarthi N/Al_link  1982
+ 54 Evara Naluguru?   Write Comment Yuvaraju Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao   1982
+ 55 Gali Vanalo.. Vana Neetilo   Write Comment Swayamvaram Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_linkV_link 1982
+ 56 Adigo Adigo..evaro Vastunnaru   Write Comment Ragadeepam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1982
+ 57 Nee Car Number One   Write Comment Ragadeepam Chakravarthi C Narayana Reddy   1982
+ 58 Pasupu Taduku Mudulu Vesi   Write Comment Ragadeepam Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao   1982
+ 59 Jananee Janmabhumischa   Write Comment Bobbili Puli JV Raghavulu Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1982
+ 60 O Subba Rao.. O Appa Rao..   Write Comment Bobbili Puli JV Raghavulu Dasari Narayana Rao   1982
+ 61 Akasa Desana   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Veturil_link  1982
+ 62 Sigalo Avi Virulo   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1982
+ 63 Mundu Telisina Prabhu..   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_link  1982
+ 64 Navarasa Suma Malika   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Veturi   1982
+ 65 Akulo Akunai   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_link  1982
+ 66 Ninnati Daka Silanaina..   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Veturil_link  1982
+ 67 Oka Nuvvu, Oka Nenu..   Write Comment Gruha Pravesam Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopi   1982
+ 68 Annam Pettamandi Amma   Write Comment Ramudu Kadu Krushnudu Chakravarthi Dasari Narayana Rao   1983
+ 69 Chiguru Mavillu.. Intinti Sirulu   Write Comment Justice Chakravarthi Ramesh Naidu Dasari Narayana Rao   1984
+ 70 Idi Toli Ratri   Write Comment Majnu Lakshmikath-Pyarelal N/Al_linkV_link 1987
+ 71 Evaru Rayagalaru?   Write Comment Amma Rajeenama Chakravarthi Sirivennela V_link 1991
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