Kovelemudi Raghavendra Rao was born in Kolavennu, Krishna Dt. Though he started off his career as an assistant director to his dad, K Prakasa Rao with movies like idA lOkam, his official debut as a movie director is Sobhan Babu's starrer, bAbu in 1975. He gave a new definition to a "commercial cinema" with "aDavi rAmuDu" movie in 1977. His greatness lies in selecting only one music director for most of his movies (Chakravarthi until the late 80's and Keeravani in the 90's) and extracting the best talent out of him. He played a siginificant role in getting mass images to NTR and Chiranjeevi with an umpteen number of musical hits.
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K Raghavendra Rao's Best Solo Telugu Songs

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Oyamma Entalesi Siggochhindi   Write Comment Babu Chakravarthi Acharya Athreyal_link  1975
+ 2 Na Sneham Pandi, Premai Nindina   Write Comment Babu Chakravarthi Acharya Athreya   1975
+ 3 Idi Teeyani Vennela Reyi   Write Comment Prema Lekhalu Sathyam Arudral_link  1977
+ 4 Oka Udayamlo   Write Comment Kalpana Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1977
+ 5 Vadalanu Ra Ninu Raghurama..   Write Comment Kalpana Chakravarthi Veeturil_link  1977
+ 6 Inte Ee Jeevitamu   Write Comment Amara Deepam Sathyam Acharya Athreya   1977
+ 7 Krushi Vunte Manushulu..   Write Comment Adavi Ramudu KV Mahadevan Veturil_linkV_link 1977
+ 8 Sirimalle Puva   Write Comment Padaharella Vayasu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1978
+ 9 Sirimalle Puva (short)   Write Comment Padaharella Vayasu Chakravarthi Veturi   1978
+ 10 Vayasanta Muta Katti..   Write Comment Padaharella Vayasu Chakravarthi Veturi   1978
+ 11 Yes... Nene Number 1   Write Comment Kedee Number 1 KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreya   1978
+ 12 Punindiro Poleramma   Write Comment Kedee Number 1 KV Mahadevan Acharya Athreya   1978
+ 13 Idi Puvvulu Puyani Tota   Write Comment Vetagadu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1979
+ 14 Apurva Sahodarulam   Write Comment Rowdy Ramudu-konte Krushnudu Chakravarthi Veturi   1980
+ 15 Rendaksharala Prema   Write Comment Gaja Donga Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1981
+ 16 Daddy..daddy ..oh My Daddy..   Write Comment Satyabhama Chakravarthi Veturi   1981
+ 17 Kadali Randi Manushulaite   Write Comment Uriki Monagadu Chakravarthi Veturi   1981
+ 18 Sage Nadule Agina Samayam   Write Comment Sathyam-sivam Chakravarthi Veturi   1981
+ 19 Virisina Vayasule Sogasulai..   Write Comment Madhura Swapnam Sathyam Veturi   1982
+ 20 Chattaniki Nyayaniki Jarigina..   Write Comment Justice Chowdary Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1982
+ 21 Kadupu Loni Babuki..   Write Comment Manchi Donga Chakravarthi N/A   1988
+ 22 Nela Tappenamma   Write Comment Moratodu MS Viswanathan C Narayana Reddy   1977
+ 23 Mana Bharatamlo..   Write Comment Jagadeka Veerudu-atiloka Sundari Ilaya Raja Veturil_linkV_link 1990
+ 24 Akasaniki..navvave Nava Mallika (female)   Write Comment Sundara Kanda MM Keeravani Veturil_link  1992
+ 25 Akasaniki..navvave Nava Mallika (male)   Write Comment Sundara Kanda MM Keeravani Veturil_link  1992
+ 26 Not Found   Write Comment         
+ 27 Ammante Merise Megham..   Write Comment Mugguru Monagallu Vidhya Sagar N/A   1994
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