Ramesh Naidu is one of the best melodius Telugu music directors during the 70's and 80's. Pasupuleti Ramesh Naidu was born in Kondapalli, Krishna dt. During his early teenage, he ran away from home to Bombay and he worked in a music shop, where he had an opportunity to play with a wide variety of musical instruments and to interact with great Hindi music directors that used to come to the shop.

He was first introduced in Telugu by C. Krishnaveni (a wife of Mirjapuram Zamindaar) with "dAmpatyam" movie and he later worked for a couple of Telugu movies like "manOrama" and by the early 60's he again went back to Bombay. Then he moved to Culcutta and worked for many Bengali movies and later married a Bengali woman. His re-entry into Telugu is through Sobhan Babu's "amma mATa" movie in 1972 and since then he never had to look back. Dasari Narayana Rao, Vijaya Nirmala and Jandhyala are the three main directors, who completley utilized his talent and extracted some of the best Telugu melodies out of him during the 70's/80's.

Ramesh Naidu always used to take the lyrics first and then came up with a beautiful melodious tune to it (only mAma Mahadevan being the other music director who does like that in Telugu). When Veturi wrote a book (komma kommakO sannAyi) recently about his association with some Telugu music/movie directors, he devoted two chapters just to Ramesh Naidu while he talked about all other great people (like mAma Mahadevan, NTR, Athreya, Balu/Ilaya Raja etc) in only one chapter on each one. He has a credit of introducing Lakshmikant-Pyarelal to the Hindi industry. Mani Sarma's dad, Yanamandra Nagayagna Sarma gAru (who played violin in "jOru meedunnAvE tummeda" song in the movie, Sivaranjani) was a permanent music conductor in his orchestra. Ramesh Naidu's last movie was Viswanadh's "swayam krushi" and he passed away a day before the movie release (Sept 3, 1987).
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Ramesh Naidu's Best Solo Telugu Songs

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Masaka Masaka Cheekatilo   Write Comment Devudu Chesina Manushulu Ramesh Naidu Arudral_linkV_link 1973
+ 2 Mayadari Sinnodu   Write Comment Amma Mata Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1972
+ 3 Eppudu Mee Pathalante Elagandee Sir...   Write Comment Amma Mata Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1972
+ 4 Anubandham, Atmeeyata   Write Comment Tata-manavadu Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1972
+ 5 Devudu Chesina Manushullara..   Write Comment Devudu Chesina Manushulu Ramesh Naidu Sri Sril_linkV_link 1973
+ 6 E Taralonu..nee Teeru   Write Comment Devudu Chesina Manushulu Ramesh Naidu Dasaradhil_link  1973
+ 7 Husharu Kavalante..   Write Comment Ganga-manga Ramesh Naidu Dasaradhil_link  1973
+ 8 Toli Reyi.. Idi Toli Reyi   Write Comment Jeevitam Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1973
+ 9 Sreerama Namalu.. Satakoti   Write Comment Meena Ramesh Naidu Arudral_link  1973
+ 10 Malleteega Vantidi Maguva Jeevitam   Write Comment Meena Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1973
+ 11 Pellante.. Nurella Panta   Write Comment Meena Ramesh Naidu Dasaradhil_link  1973
+ 12 Sirimalle Chettukinda.. Ramulamma   Write Comment Chandana Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 13 Ponna Pula Uyyala   Write Comment Chandana Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 14 Neeru Pallamerugu..   Write Comment Chandana Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 15 Ee Reyi Satakoti Deepalu Velagali   Write Comment Chandana Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 16 Chilaka Pachhani Konalo   Write Comment Chandana Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 17 Deepaniki Kiranam Abharanam   Write Comment Chaduvu-samskaram Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 18 Meghala Meeda Sagali   Write Comment Devadasu Ramesh Naidu Arudral_linkV_link 1974
+ 19 Kala Chedirindi   Write Comment Devadasu Ramesh Naidu Arudral_linkV_link 1974
+ 20 Idi Niseedha Samayam   Write Comment Devadasu Ramesh Naidu Arudral_linkV_link 1974
+ 21 Jeevitam Emiti?   Write Comment Devadasu Ramesh Naidu Arudral_linkV_link 1974
+ 22 Adadi Korukone Varalu Rende Rendu..   Write Comment Radhamma Pelli Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1974
+ 23 Pare Godavarila Parigettede Vayasu   Write Comment Radhamma Pelli Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddy   1974
+ 24 Ee Kalam Padi Kalalu Bratakalani..   Write Comment Devude Gelichadu Ramesh Naidu Jaladi Raja Raol_link  1976
+ 25 Gudedaite Nemi..   Write Comment Devude Gelichadu Ramesh Naidu N/A   1976
+ 26 Sivaranjani..navaragini   Write Comment Turpu-padamara Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 27 Swaramulu Edaina...   Write Comment Turpu-padamara Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 28 Suvvi.. Kasturi Ranga   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishnal_link  1977
+ 29 Talli Godarike Atu Potuntadi..   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 30 Chukkallo Pedda Chukka.. Chandamama..   Write Comment Chillarakottu Chittemma Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1977
+ 31 Jorumeedunnave Tummeda   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishnal_link  1978
+ 32 Abhinava Taravo..   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1978
+ 33 Chandamama Vacchadamma   Write Comment Sivaranjani Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1978
+ 34 Gubulu Puttistavu.. O Mallika   Write Comment Kalyani Ramesh Naidu Dasam Gopala Krishnal_link  1979
+ 35 Lalita Kalaradhanalo (male)   Write Comment Kalyani Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1979
+ 36 Palikenu Edo Ragam   Write Comment Sangham Chekkina Silpalu Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1979
+ 37 Goruvechhani Sureedamma   Write Comment Jaya Sudha Ramesh Naidu Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 38 Pranaya Kavyamuna Pradhama Panktivo   Write Comment Jaya Sudha Ramesh Naidu C Narayana Reddyl_link  1980
+ 39 Ragile Rasa Leela   Write Comment Antam Kadidi..aranbham Ramesh Naidu Veturil_linkV_link 1981
+ 40 Ugisaladake Manasa..   Write Comment Kotta Neeru Ramesh Naidu Arudral_link  1981
+ 41 Neelalu Karena   Write Comment Mudda Mandaram Ramesh Naidu Veturil_link  1981
+ 42 Mudduke Muddochhe   Write Comment Mudda Mandaram Ramesh Naidu Veturil_link  1981
+ 43 Sigalo Avi Virulo   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1982
+ 44 Mundu Telisina Prabhu..   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_link  1982
+ 45 Navarasa Suma Malika   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Veturi   1982
+ 46 Akulo Akunai   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_link  1982
+ 47 Ninnati Daka Silanaina..   Write Comment Megha Sandesam Ramesh Naidu Veturil_link  1982
+ 48 Chiguru Mavillu.. Intinti Sirulu   Write Comment Justice Chakravarthi Ramesh Naidu Dasari Narayana Rao   1984
+ 49 Wrong Number Ravanammo   Write Comment Justice Chakravarthi Ramesh Naidu Dasari Narayana Rao   1984
+ 50 Alaka Panupu Ekkanela...   Write Comment Sreevari Sobhanam Ramesh Naidu Veturil_linkV_link 1984
+ 51 Mansa Tulli Padake   Write Comment Sreevariki Premalekha Ramesh Naidu Veturil_linkV_link 1984
+ 52 Tolisari Mimmalni Chusindi Modalu   Write Comment Sreevariki Premalekha Ramesh Naidu Veturil_linkV_link 1984
+ 53 Eru Pakka Ma Vuramma..   Write Comment Malle Moggalu Ramesh Naidu Veturi   1986
+ 54 Yadike Nee Parugu..   Write Comment Malle Moggalu Ramesh Naidu Veturi   1986
+ 55 Kasturi Rangayya..   Write Comment Aha.. Na Pellanta! Ramesh Naidu N/A   1987
+ 56 Sinnee Sinnee Korikaladaga..   Write Comment Swayam Krushi Ramesh Naidu N/Al_link  1987
+ 57 Rada..mallee Vasantakalam (sung By Ramesh Naidu)   Write Comment Kongumudi SP Balu Veturi   1985
+ 58 Emani Telipedi..   Write Comment Illalu-priyuralu Chakravarthi Veturil_link  1984
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