The music director, Sathyam was very popular in the 70's and he is best known for some of the best Telugu melodies during the 70's. Chellapilla Sathyanarayana Rao was born in Parvathipuram, Srikakulam dt. Along with Rajasri (the dubbing lyricist) and a few other friends, he used to act in some plays in Vijayanagaram before he came into films. Like some of the great filmy people, he too ran away from home to Madras and then joined Adinarayana Rao's orchestra. Later he worked as an assistant to TV Raju (who in turn had worked as an assistant to Adinarayana Rao).

His official debut as a full fledged music director is "pAla manasulu" in 1967, though he was credited as a music director in 1963 with NTR's "savati koDuku" movie. Like RD Burman in the Hindi film industry, Sathyam brought a revolutionary change in the Telugu music starting from the late 60's with some fast beat cabaret songs and some best melodious songs at the same time. On many occasions, SP Balu paid his humble tributes to Sathyam for giving him some of the best songs that shaped up his career. Starting from the early 80's, he gradually lost competition to Chakravarthi and he slowly went into oblivion at the fag end of his career. His last movie, ankuSam was released after his demise in 1989.

Unfortunately, he never got due recognition that he truely deserved (unlike KV Mahadevan and Ramesh Naidu). He was equally popular in Kannada as well. Being his hardcore fan, I want to refresh your memory with some of his best songs on this page. Enjoy the songs and let me know if I am missing any other mellifluous melodies of this great un-sung hero.
Srini Chimata (02/14/06)

Sathyam's Best Solos

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#SelectSongMovieMusic DirectorLyricistLyricsVideoYear
+ 1 Bhale Kurradana   Write Comment Chalaki Rani-kiladee Raja Sathyam N/Al_link  1971
+ 2 Mallee Mallee Padali Ee Pata   Write Comment Mattilo Manikyam Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopil_link  1971
+ 3 Raja.. Pilupu Nadenura   Write Comment Bullemma-bullodu Sathyam Rajasril_linkV_link 1972
+ 4 Nijam Nirupista..   Write Comment Nijam Nirupista Sathyam Arudra   1972
+ 5 Puche Pulalona (sad)   Write Comment Geeta Sathyam GK Murthyl_link  1973
+ 6 E Divilo Virisina Parijatamo..   Write Comment Kanne Vayasu Sathyam Dasaradhil_linkV_link 1973
+ 7 E Divilo Virisina (female)   Write Comment Kanne Vayasu Sathyam Dasaradhi   1973
+ 8 Ide Pata Pratee Chota..   Write Comment Puttinillu-mettinillu Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1973
+ 9 Chinnari Kannayya..   Write Comment Puttinillu-mettinillu Sathyam Dasaradhil_linkV_link 1973
+ 10 Ammayilu, Abbayilu.. Na Matalo Nijam..   Write Comment Vichitra Vivaham Sathyam N/A   1973
+ 11 Galagala Parutunna Godarila..   Write Comment Gowri Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1974
+ 12 Arani Jwala.. Na Tapam   Write Comment Gundelu Teesina Monagadu Sathyam Arudra   1974
+ 13 Tolivalape Teeyanidi (sad)   Write Comment Needa Leni Adadi Sathyam C Narayana Reddy   1974
+ 14 Snehamera Jeevatam   Write Comment Nippu Lanti Manishi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1974
+ 15 Radhaku Neeve Ra Pranam   Write Comment Tulabharam Sathyam Rajasril_link  1974
+ 16 Durakasa Veedhullo.. Tara Deepalu   Write Comment Mayavi (kannada Dubbed) Sathyam D Krishna Murthy   1976
+ 17 Jabilli Velige Challani Vela   Write Comment Anuragalu Sathyam N/A   1975
+ 18 Tellavaraka Munde Palle Lechindi   Write Comment Mutyala Pallaki Sathyam Mallemalal_link  1976
+ 19 Manchini Samadhi Chestara?   Write Comment Neram Nadi Kadu.. Akalidi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 20 Hyderabad Bulbul   Write Comment Neram Nadi Kadu.. Akalidi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 21 Chekumukhi Ravva Chinaboyindi   Write Comment Neram Nadi Kadu.. Akalidi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1976
+ 22 Inte Ee Jeevitamu   Write Comment Amara Deepam Sathyam Acharya Athreya   1977
+ 23 Na Jeevana Sandhya Samayamlo..   Write Comment Amara Deepam Sathyam Veturil_link  1977
+ 24 Madhumasa Velalo   Write Comment Andame Anandam Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1977
+ 25 Evaremannanu Todu Rakunna (female)   Write Comment Dongalaku Donga Sathyam Arudra   1977
+ 26 Evaremannanu Todu Rakunna (male)   Write Comment Dongalaku Donga Sathyam Arudra   1977
+ 27 Ee Ratiree.. O.. Chandamama   Write Comment Dongalaku Donga Sathyam Dasaradhil_link  1977
+ 28 Edureetaku Antam Leda?   Write Comment Edureeta Sathyam N/Al_linkV_link 1977
+ 29 Ee Radha Chivariki Emaina   Write Comment Edureeta Sathyam C Narayana Reddy??l_linkV_link 1977
+ 30 O Pilla.. Kachuko   Write Comment Agent Gopi Sathyam Arudral_link  1978
+ 31 Aho.. Andala Rasi   Write Comment Angadi Bomma Sathyam Acharya Athreyal_link  1978
+ 32 Jabilli Vennellu Chavi Chudaledu   Write Comment Angadi Bomma Sathyam Acharya Athreya   1978
+ 33 Na Kosame Neevunnadi   Write Comment Annadammula Saval Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1978
+ 34 Piliche Piliche Anuragam   Write Comment Lawyer Viswanath Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1978
+ 35 Sharabee.. Vacchindira Ee Gulabee   Write Comment Lawyer Viswanath Sathyam C Narayana Reddy V_link 1978
+ 36 Pulai Puche .. Ralina Tarale..   Write Comment Nindu Manishi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_linkV_link 1978
+ 37 Rama Chilaka Pelli Kodukevare? (female)   Write Comment Rama Chilaka Sathyam Veturil_link  1978
+ 38 Mamayya Vastadanta   Write Comment Rama Chilaka Sathyam Veturil_link  1978
+ 39 Oka Matundi..   Write Comment I Love You Sathyam Veeturil_link  1979
+ 40 Araneekuma Ee Deepam..   Write Comment Karteeka Deepam Sathyam Devulapalli Krishna Sastril_linkV_link 1979
+ 41 Korikale Gurralayite (female)   Write Comment Korikale Gurralayite Sathyam Acharya Athreyal_link  1979
+ 42 Radhamostunnadi.. Ranostunnadi   Write Comment Mudu Puvvulu-aru Kayalu Sathyam C Narayana Reddy   1979
+ 43 Punnaga Totallo Sannayi Padindi   Write Comment Viyyala Vaari Kayyalu Sathyam Veturil_link  1979
+ 44 Mallika.. Navamallika   Write Comment Bangaru Bava Sathyam Veturil_link  1980
+ 45 Toli Ratiri Meeradigina Prasnaku..   Write Comment Kodallu Vastunnaru Jagratta Sathyam Veturil_link  1980
+ 46 Ee Geetam..sangeetam   Write Comment Maha Lakshmi Sathyam C Narayana Reddyl_link  1980
+ 47 Tolisanje Velalo.. (female)   Write Comment Seeta Ramulu Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 48 Tolisanje Velalo.. (male)   Write Comment Seeta Ramulu Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 49 Ankitam.. Neeke Ankitam   Write Comment Swapna Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_link  1980
+ 50 Ide Na Modati Premalekha..   Write Comment Swapna Sathyam Rajasril_link  1980
+ 51 Idi Mouna Geetam..   Write Comment Palu-neellu Sathyam N/A   1981
+ 52 Pitapita Lade Pitta..   Write Comment Rahasya Gudhachari Sathyam Arudra   1981
+ 53 Oka Nuvvu, Oka Nenu..   Write Comment Gruha Pravesam Sathyam Mailavarapu Gopi   1982
+ 54 Gali Vanalo.. Vana Neetilo   Write Comment Swayamvaram Sathyam Dasari Narayana Raol_linkV_link 1982
+ 55 Vedamla Ghoshinche Godavari   Write Comment Andhra Kesari Sathyam Arudral_link  1984
+ 56 Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu..   Write Comment Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu Sathyam Acharya Athreya   1984
+ 57 Idi Pata Kane Kadu..   Write Comment Talambralu Sathyam Rajasril_link  1986
+ 58 Andamaina Na Uhala Medaku..   Write Comment Ahuti Sathyam N/Al_link  1988
+ 59 Na Preyasi.. Uhalo Urvasi   Write Comment Taxi Driver Sathyam Veturi   1981
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