Ideally, the plug-in player should play in all popular browsers like IE and FireFox with no issues. It is very likely that you may not listen to the complete songs, if you have very low Internet Bandwidth connection (mostly on some home PC's in India). The reason could be that all new flash-based players (like the one on this site) are not completely recoving the songs in the situation of "low Intenet bandwidth connections".

1. Issue: The songs play incompletely and end abruptly... helppppppp!.
Soluiton: You probably have very low end "Internet Bandwidth connection". We can not help it. Upgrade to more bandwidth connection. Most of the songs on this site are .mp3 songs played at 24kbps.

2. Issue: Volume issue in the player.
Soluiton: Pl. use the "Volume Control" on the right/bottom corner of your PC/Laptop to adjust the volume.

3. Issue: After playing a few songs, the buffering takes forever for the following songs.
Soluiton: It could be the buffering/streaming issue between your PC and the web host. Close both the player window and the browser and re-play the songs from a new instance of browser.. now it should hopefully work!

4. Issue: No Singers info displayed in the player.
Soluiton: We assume that most of the songs are very popular songs and you already know who the singers are.

5. Issue: The flash player does not work in the Internet Exlporer... Pl. help.
Soluiton: A few times, the built-in flash player does not work with the IE browser, inspite you install the Adobe flash player as per the instruction given in the player window. Then pl. try with another popular browser, Firefox browser. If you don't have it on your PC, it from here .

If you still have any issues, write to us at

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